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About PC Mac Specialist

020 8050 4021

At PC Mac Specialist we specialise in fixing and repairing computers and macs with over 19 years experience in the field. Our is NO FIX NO FEE claim. If we don’t fix your computer we simply don’t charge you.

We run a full check on your computer first and you will get a no obligation quote from us. No work will be done before your authorisation first.

We specialise in fixing WiFi Issues that may cause week or no WiFi signal such as having thick walls or living in multi story building or any problems that may prevent you from enjoying fast unreliable Wifi Signal.

At Pc Mac Specialist we can carry out advanced data recovery and retrieve all your important data back from the most complicated situations such as damaged, corrupted, faulty hard drive’s and SSD’s.

Our call out engineers can reach you if you find it difficult to reach us. Just give us a call on 020 8050 4021 and we will arrange a

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