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Diagnose Hard drive first

We diagnose your hard drive first to be able to know in which category it will fit in Weather it’s basic data recovery or Advanced data recovery which needs a clean room since we are specialised in both.

No Fix No Fee Policy.

We understand the anxiety that accompanies the loss of any data, we also understand the costly procedure that follows such crisis.

We have a ‘no fix, no fee’ hard disk data retrieval policy and will provide a solution for your crisis at competitive prices rather than make a financial burden out of it.

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • RAID & NAS Recovery
  • SNAP Server Recovery

Don’t panic! We can save your data

If you have data on a failed drive – from a RAID array or single hard drive to an iPod or a database, then it pays to take extra care recovering it.

After all, your data is immensely valuable. It represents an investment of both time and money and is probably essential to the smooth running of your business.

So when it comes to hard drive data recovery, it pays to turn to the experts. we’re committed to providing fast turnaround, quality of service and the highest possible standards of data recovery.

In fact, we have an industry-leading success rate. Why? Because we have a highly experienced team of engineers and ways of working that are second to none. We have the experience, the knowledge and the tools required. And because our Clean-Air Labs are the ideal environment for this type of sensitive work.

Save yourself time and money with our computer health check. Call us today on 020 8050 4021

RAID recovery techniques and processes are meticulous, painstaking and sophisticated. In fact, there are two good reasons why we hold a high success rate on data recovery from Disk Array Servers:

1 – Extra precautions.

We take an image of each drive and perform data recovery on the disk copy NOT the original disks.

2 – Thorough investigation.

We use special techniques to investigate the disks and identify the cause of failure before we carry out any recovery.

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