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Laptop and Tablet Screen

repair & replacement

020 8050 4021

If out of sudden there is no output on your Laptop or Mac screen we specialise in repairing it.

Also, if your screen needs a replacement because of liquid damage, accidental damage or any other screen issues we will try to fix it in the best way possible.

If your screen needs to be repaired for affordable price, don’t hesitate, call now or come down to our store so we can get your laptop screen up and running once again.

Save yourself time and money with our computer health check. Call us today on 020 8050 4021

All our new fitted Screens by our engineers comes with a 12-MONTH GUARANTEE.

We offer a range of laptop screen replacements that meet your needs. We offer brand new screens and Grade A refurbished screens. We have a friendly team of technicians that are happy to advise you to find what suits you and your budgets.

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